Legendary Creature "The Zhdun"

by PLush Life Co


From Russia with love, the Zhdun, is the epitome of plush perfection.

They are soft, small (or big) and is only here on earth to make you smile and contemplate your late night conversations. We can't legally say he makes your life better, but some experts will back up that statement. Staring for too long at a Zhdun is completely safe contrary to the rumors. Take home your very own in a selection of three different sizes. We left out the option to choose a shape since their shapes are already hard enough to describe.

Zhdun's are made with PPoly cotton. (The safest of all poly blends.) Ordering these supports ethical art foundations globally.

We recommend ages 5 and up, but most of everyone can have a Zhdun.

Keep away from fire, duh.

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