Noodelle The Innocent One

by PLush Life Co


Puppy eyes can only get you so far... Or so we thought.

As seen all around the globe, Noodelle (nood-elle) has earned the title "The Innocent One" after years of practicing the side eye. You'll likely have forgiven her for things she hasn't even done. Yet. She has rightfully earned a place on your couch and makes for a surprisingly great photo-bomb. Our researches tested that you are almost guaranteed* to go viral on Facebook when you post about your Noodelle.

*We haven't done any research.

Noodelle is made from sustainable cotton fabrics and has a throw pillow feel.

She sits up at around 20 inches. Dog illusion is best seen at 45 degree angle.

We recommend ages 5 and up, but most of everyone can have a Derby.

Keep away from fire, duh.

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