Stacking Stones Of Protection - Nostalgia

by PLush Life Co


Place them around your home, office, or stack them to make some sort of art-deco statement. These wooden stones have a lot of charm and add a pop of personality to any room. Makes a great gift to someone who needs a little balance in their life, or if you are in need of that, too.

Colorway - Nostalgia

You know the drill. Everyone needs to have something a little unusual thing in your home that stands out. These stacking wooden "stones" fit the need for that uniqueness perfectly.

The way they are shaped allows them to be stacked in just about any way. Large to small, small to large, medium on small, etc. Somehow these are both minimal, but also serve as the perfect desktop clutter set. Sit down and relax. Stack some stones. You've earned this.

They also make great learning and development toys for kids around the age of 4 to 5. A new twist on the classic wooden block.

Feng Shui, ties the wood element in for balance and proper energy flow as well in a home or space. If placed properly, these wood stones can bring balance to not only themselves but to your living space as well.

Our stacking "stones" are made of wood that has been sanded to be completely smooth with no rough edges. The paint is a child safe, lead-free paint that's 100% non-toxic.

They can be stacked in a variety of ways if angled and placed carefully.

We only recommend these for children ages 4 and up with adult supervision.

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